Surface preparation
We are capable to carry out demanding projects in compliance with required specification, high demands for health and environment, and all industrial, national, European, international and other standards in applicable areas. Most frequent preparation grades of steel are as follows:

         • surface preparation using mechanical tools, according to ISO 8501-1 (St 2 and St 3),            ISO 8501-2 (PMa, PSt 2, PSt 3) or Japanese standard JSRA/1984 (Pt 1, Pt 2 and Pt 3);
         • dry abrasive blasting according to ISO 8501- 1 ( Sa 1, Sa 2, Sa 2 ½ and Sa 3 );
         • wet abrasive blasting;
         • steel surface preparation according to ISO 8501-3 (P1, P2 and P3);
         • steel surface preparation by water-jetting; under high pressure and ultra high pressure            (150 – 2.400 bar) according to ISO 8501- 4, or NACE 5/SSPC 12 (WJ-1, WJ-2, WJ-3 and WJ-4).

If we are the ones to design the project, then the cleaning method, degree and topography of prepared steel surface is selected according to specific case. We always consider the type of paint system, condition of the substrate, conditions to which the object will be subjected during its exploitation, expected lifetime of the protection system etc. we are aware that the protection quality of the structure largely depends on the quality of cleaning and surface roughness.