Construction materials in any form are subjected to unintended harmful and adverse changes which significantly affect their condition and applicability during exploitation period. One of the most harmful changes of that kind is corrosion, as it destroys the material by the chemical interaction of the material and surrounding media - turning the material into another substance. The corrosion impact on the structural materials is of great technical and economic importance, and therefore the new discipline, called corrosion protection or sometimes anticorrosion protection, was developed aiming to slow down and prevent that process.
Therefore, when one talks about protection of structural materials regarding the company Tekol-Teri Ltd., he thinks about the following industry fields: shipbuilding, bridges, viaducts, oil and petrochemical plants, power plants and transmission lines, cranes and port facilities and various steel and concrete structures in civil engineering. Corrosion protection operations regarding these objects are performed according to requirements of the international standards and rules associated to that particular field. When selecting proper technical protection measure for each object, its purpose, exploitation conditions, local environment and above all investor’s requirements and the technical documentation prepared by authorized organizations are taken into account.

As the company’s core business is corrosion protection in shipbuilding, industry and construction, our facilities and work sites are located all around Republic of Croatia. At the moment, Tekol-Teri Ltd. is being employed at dozens of worksites in the shipbuilding and industry.