Word from the general manager
Welcome to the Tekol-Teri company website. It is my pleasure to greet you and introduce our company, its current activities, and our plans for the future that we believe will be achieved.

If you look at the "History" section, you will see that our journey began a long time ago. Each period in the development of the company has represented a new challenge, which we have managed to overcome, learn from and grow stronger from the experience. Today, we can talk about business continuity, which is the result of continuously adopting new technologies, investing in our employees, and meeting the needs and satisfaction of our clients. The crowning achievement of our success is the long-standing presence in almost every Croatian shipyard and significant plants, and the participation in the implementation of numerous construction and infrastructural projects. Because of the quality of our service and our efforts to stay within schedule, we are a leading company in the field of anticorrosive protection in Croatia. This has also enabled us to get into the regional market, where we are successfully implementing even the most challenging projects together with our subsidiaries.

Today, we face new challenges - Croatia's accession to the European Union and the fact that in the near future we will be a part of the common European market motivates us to confirm our quality on new markets. We believe that we can successfully implement our acquired knowledge and experience into new projects, and in new environments that acknowledge only the best. I hope that I will soon be reporting on our new successes!

Pero Markanović
General manager