In 1998, Tekol-Teri accepted and adopted Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 was integrated into the existing management system in 2006.
The company employs qualified and certified auditors fully familiar with our integrated management system which is maintained and updated on regular basis. At the moment Tekol-Teri holds the certificate of management system conformity in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards for anticorrosive protection of metal and equipment.


The management has accepted and strongly endorsed the process approach in organization management, and in it found the opportunity for continuous improvements. The cooperation and involvement of all employees in the common desire to meet and surpass customer demands significantly contributes to the efficiency of the system. We depend on our customers and therefore we carefully analyze all the feedback with regards to their satisfaction in order that we can, where necessary, make improvements to the quality of our service, which is our constant goal.


Certain processes in anticorrosive protection have in the past created a high degree of contamination in the form of dust and noise.
Today, we use state of the art equipment for the conditioning of closed spaces – in shipbuilding and industry - to eliminate possible dust contamination by using multicyclones with special filters, and by means of noise silencers we have been able to eliminate excessive noise produced by the machines used in the work process.
In shipbuilding, industry and construction we use ecologically acceptable methods of surface preparation and, where applicable: surface preparation with ultrahigh pressure water jetting, wet abrasive cleaning with fresh water as a dust filter, and surface preparation under high pressure water jets at 600 bar with abrasives.
In cases where we design systems for corrosion protection, we use coats with a reduced solvent content or coats without solvents, respecting current guidelines.
With the above mentioned conditions, we intend to achieve sustainable development of our activities and acceptability of it in our area of activity.

Since we perceive sustainable development as a process of long-term changes, we have ensured that everyone within and outside of the company has a thorough understanding of the policy of quality and environmental protection.

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