There is also a Construction organization unit operating at the company’s level. Construction organization unit possesses educated and professional workforce for the execution of construction-trade works.
By the virtue of constant investment in the equipment and education we are able to execute works in the field of civil engineering and building construction. We have gained a longtime experience executing works on residential construction, maintaining industrial facilities, and on the repairs, reconstructions and refurbishment of public and private buildings.
We posses the Approval from the Ministry of Environmental protection, Physical planning and Construction for the execution of construction operations on:

- group E constructions
- Also, we possess approval for the certain construction operations on group H constructions
        H.1 constructional
        H.2 waterproofing and other protection systems
        H.10 excavation
        H.14 temporary construction works which demand specialized execution and equipment
- group I constructions, execution of less complex operations on all kinds of constructions
        I.4 bricklaying operations
        I.5 insulating operations
        I.6 carpentry
        I.7 installation of exterior carpentry and joinery
        I.8 roofing operations