Industrial, energy and process plants and various steel structures and facilities are the subject of Tekol-Teri’s operations and activities. Specialized teams with specially adapted equipment are able to perform corrosion protection services on a wide range of facilities such as:

          • Power plants:
             - Hydroelectric power plants
             - Thermal power plants
             - Nuclear power plants
          • Refineries
          • Tank farms and pipelines
          • Various projects: warehouses, bridges, cranes, industry plants
          • Preparation and paint application of concrete surfaces in construction
          • Offshore structures

We perform our services during plant overhauls, but also during operational periods while we always keep in mind and strictly follow the highest safety and environment protection standards.
Beside works performed at the worksites, we are also able to perform corrosion protection operations within our facilities as we posses specially design and environment friendly chambers for abrasive cleaning and painting. The possibility to perform works within these chambers enables us to increase productivity and quality. Beside the improvement of business activities, the ecological component of corrosion protection operations is of the most importance as we can reduce the abrasive consumption and energy and eliminate creation of dust, gases and noise. These influences are essential factors in implementation of our general and individual objectives and goals.

          • Chambers for abrasive cleaning and painting

           • Chamber for painting (paint application by airless system or hand tools)