The company Tekol-Teri Ltd. is a private Croatian company. It was founded in 1991 by the statutory transformation of the part of the company TEKOL - Maribor, founded in 1948. By the repurchase from Tekol-Maribor in 1995. the ownership structure was changed and the company had become the property of Mr. Mato Markanović. During the first decade of the new millennium the company had imposed as a regional leader in the corrosion protection business and expanded its operations to neighboring countries. During 2011., the change in ownership structure appeared, and the company has become the property of Ms. Mirjana Markanović.
Concerning the long tradition and the acquired reputation in carrying out the works of corrosive protection, we successfully continue our operations, simultaneously expanding our area of activities.

Establishment of
Tekol - Maribor
By the statutory transformation, Tekol-Maribor had segregated a part of the company in Croatia and established Tekol-Teri Ltd. Rijeka
By the repurchase  from Tekol-Maribor, the company changed its ownership structure and became the property of Mr. Mato MarkanoviĆ
Change in ownership structure; the company has become the property of Ms. Mirjana Markanović