Research and Development
Alongside our main activity, the Tekol-Teri company has actively been participating in the development and implementation of new ideas and projects for many years. The company's vision is based on perfecting our core business, but also on investing in new and potent ideas and projects. Our two currently active development projects testify to this: The Kantrida Project and the Wind Farm Project.

KANTRIDA PROJECT – „Kantrida project“ consists of two projects developed as separate units, but also they are mutually interconnected and act as one synergic complex. Kantrida project consists of following sub-projects:
         a) HOTEL PROJECT of 5-star category
         b) MARINA PROJECT of 5-anchor category

HOTEL PROJECT, which occupies extremely attractive location along coastal part of city of Rijeka, consists of:
         - hotel program with 100 double rooms orientated towards the sea, with hotel lobby and            restaurant placed on gross developed surface of approximately 6.000 m2
         - wellness program with surface of approximately 2.000 m2
         - nautics program with surface of approximately 2.000 m2
         - 100 parking spaces in garage with surface of approximately 1.000 m2
         - Commercial and service program with surface of approximately 500 m2

MARINA PROJECT represents a kind of an attachment to the present sports harbor and it is developed as a separate program for berthing of 21 ships of 30 meters in length and as a mooring for 40 smaller boats. Within the marina, there is a plan to build in the central facility for the placement of various attractive contents on the 5 floors with the total surface of 7.000 m2. Following contents are planned to be placed here: club premises, aquarium, casino, garage, accommodation etc.

HOTEL PROJECT has been already elaborated at the Conceptual design level for which there is a valid location permit issued. Famous Studio Zoppini from Milano has designed the Conceptual hotel design which served as a base for creation of project documentation. A part of property relations procedure regarding purchase of land in property of Republic of Croatia is under way and it is expected to end in 2011. Realistic start date of construction should be in mid-2012.

MARINA PROJECT is, at the moment, in stage of design of the Detail arrangement plan and it is expected to be finished until spring of 2012. Afterwards the creation of project documentation should begin. Realistic start date of construction should be in mid-2013.

Projekt Vjetroelektrane
Constant energy cost growth, dependence upon import and necessity of environment protection have globally encouraged many countries to rapid development and intensive utilization of the renewable energy sources, especially wind. Consequently, a completely new industry has been created – manufacture of wind powered equipment, which for year now has been increasing its production capacities, creating new working positions and significant profit. EU energy policy anticipates that, until 2020. the energy production from RES should reach 20% in the overall energy production and the emission of the greenhouse gases should be decreased for 20%. Republic of Croatia, as a future EU member, has accepted regulative and liabilities regarding utilization of RES.
In a constant effort to adapt to new market demands, Tekol-Teri Ltd. introduced a business decision to enter the RES market in 2007. with an emphasis on the wind energy and thus on the development of the wind power plants and production of wind power components. The structure of activities and development of the windpark project include: planning, environment protection, measurement of wind potential at appropriate locations, obtaining of permits and approvals, designing, obtaining of location and building permit, purchase of specific equipment, construction of internal communications, construction of windpark and final connection to the energy network. These activities require specific knowledge of a multidisciplinary team of experts who are able to organize and manage such kinds of demanding projects.

At the end of 2011., the first project –, Windpark WP1–Vučipolje has been started
        Windpark location: Glogovo, municipality of Gračac, at approximately 1100 m above sea level
        Windpark surface: 32 km²,
        Planned windpark power capacity: 82 MW
To measure the wind potential, Tekol Teri has developed its own measuring mast of 100 m in height and equipped it with state of the art measuring equipment to get the real picture of the wind potential at the height at which, in practice, the wind energy is "collected" and transferred into electric energy. Measurement campaign of the wind potential, processing of the measurement results and wind power calculation has been entrusted to the renowned German company Geo-Net GmbH certified by numerous banks which are known to finance these types of projects. A year-long wind potential measurement was finished in September of 2010. Measurement showed very good results.Preparation of preliminary design necessary to obtain the location permit is under way.

Second project –, Windpark WP5 – Novi Vinodolski started in 2009. Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship issued a preliminary energy approval for the construction of the windpark.
Planned windpark power capacity: 66 MW
After an analysis conducted by a Danish consultant, it was found that it is possible to construct a windpark of at least 77 MW at the location of the planned windpark. In order to determine the actual wind potential, a measuring mast of 100 m in height equipped with the most modern measuring devices has been installed at the location. Measurements started on 19.11.2010.

Third project –, Windpark WP4 – Ondić is located at municipality of Udbina. Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship issued a preliminary consent for the construction of the 30 MW windpark. Installment of the measuring mast and appropriate measuring equipment is under way.