Human resources
Tekol-Teri Ltd. provides constant education, training and testing of knowledge and skills for their employees. Educational activities are being held within its own training center and they are coordinated by own professional employees. If necessary, the training can be organized within external training centers as well with the aim of acknowledging new specific skills, technology procedure and appropriate legislation. Entire educational and training process is performed in accordance with ISO10015:1999 therefore creating links between education and goal achieving demands. In this way, the following trainings are performed:

      •  Training for preventive fire fighting measures, fire extinguishing and rescuing of people and property endangered by the fire.
      •  Theoretical and practical occupational safety training for employees and training of beneficiaries, the direct beneficiaries and trustees in the field of occupational safety.
      •  Theoretical and practical training for foremen and workers in the field of professional activity

We employ and provide additional training for professionals in various fields, with particular emphasis on the following professions:

         • Shipbuilding,
         • Marine engineering,
         • Economy,
         • Chemistry,
         • and Civil engineering